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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The following represents a summary of steps that South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab Inc is taking during reopening in the face of COVID-19:

  • All patients are screened for potential risk factors related to COVID-19 at the front desk as well as when initial phone contact is made to book their first appointment. All patients will be screened prior to each treatment at the front desk.

  • Staff are not to attend work if experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness.

  • We have rearranged our waiting room to allow for physical distancing and installed shields at the front desk.

  • We have marked specific areas in the clinic as staff only in order to provide our staff with appropriate physical spaces.

  • We have moved all charting to electronic format in order to minimize paper forms. 

  • Our exercise programs are provided electronically.  

  • All staff involved in direct patient care are wearing masks, we advise patients to wear masks as well.  

  • We are staggering appointments to minimize not only wait times in the reception area, but the number of people who arrive at the same time.

  • We require all patients to sanitize their hands or wash hands prior to entering the clinical area, or using the gym.

  • We ask that anyone waiting for someone having treatment not wait in the clinic/reception area and stay in their vehicle.  

  • Our clinic is well set up to allow for physical distancing with large cubicles and separate pods for each therapist, we are in addition to this using every other cubicle whenever possible.

  • We are continuing to offer virtual PT sessions for those in vulnerable populations, are in isolation, or are not comfortable with being treated outside of their home.  

  • All soft touch items or items that are difficult to clean have been removed from the gym. All surfaces are disinfected after use as per pre-COVID-19.

  • We are limiting gym use to essential exercise only ensuring physical distancing.

  • All infection control measures in place pre-COVID-19 (cleaning of beds, linens, clinical equipment and clinical areas, as well as hand washing requirements) remain in place, however, we have increased the frequency of cleaning “high touch” surfaces such as door handles.

  • We continue to have hand sanitizer stations available at several locations throughout the clinic. 

  • We are minimizing the contact of patients with our support staff, PT staff are the sole and primary contact for patients.

  • We offer contactless payment methods.

It is our goal is to not only continue to provide safe and effective treatment but to provide a comfortable safe environment for both patients and staff.

Learn more about Virtual PT Sessions

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