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Emergency and Urgent care during COVID–19

Although all physiotherapy clinics are currently closed due to COVID-19 measures we know the need for treatment for some individuals still exists. We have launched our Online Physio sessions through partnering with Physitrack® as an initial means of contact, however, we recognize that this is not applicable for everyone’s needs.

There are provisions that allow for in clinic treatment on an Emergency or Urgent care basis and they are as follows as outlined by Physiotherapy Alberta:

Until the orders of the Chief Medical Officer of Health change, physiotherapists may only provide in-person services in physiotherapy clinics or through home-based or mobile physiotherapy practices if:

  • Their patient will suffer serious and imminent harm AND is at risk of needing to go to the emergency department or be admitted to hospital because of a lack of physiotherapy.


  • The patient is an essential service provider (e.g., EMS, health-care professional) and is unable to work due to a new injury or flare-up of a pre-existing condition.


This directive is meant to keep you from having to visit an emergency room during this time and further increasing the load on the system as well as putting yourself at greater risk to contract or transmit COVID-19.

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