Emergency and Urgent care during COVID–19

Although all physiotherapy clinics are currently closed due to COVID-19 measures we know the need for treatment for some individuals still exists. We have launched our Online Physio sessions through partnering with Physitrack® as an initial means of contact, however, we recognize that this is not applicable for everyone’s needs.

There are provisions that allow for in clinic treatment on an Emergency or Urgent care basis and they are as follows as outlined by Physiotherapy Alberta:

Until the orders of the Chief Medical Officer of Health change, physiotherapists may only provide in-person services in physiotherapy clinics or through home-based or mobile physiotherapy practices if:

  • Their patient will suffer serious and imminent harm AND is at risk of needing to go to the emergency department or be admitted to hospital because of a lack of physiotherapy.


  • The patient is an essential service provider (e.g., EMS, health-care professional) and is unable to work due to a new injury or flare-up of a pre-existing condition.


This directive is meant to keep you from having to visit an emergency room during this time and further increasing the load on the system as well as putting yourself at greater risk to contract or transmit COVID-19.

What does this mean?

IF you have had: a recent surgery – (hip replacement, knee replacement etc.), a fracture, or another injury that has severely limited your mobility and you are considering seeking emergency medical care and you do not meet criteria that would place you at high risk for transmission of COVID-19 we may make arrangements to see you in the clinic.

IF you are: an essential services worker and have a new injury that will potentially keep you from fulfilling your duties and you do not meet criteria that would place you at high risk for transmission of COVID-19 we may make arrangements to see you in the clinic.

What do I do if I think this is applies to me?

The first step, regardless of the problem, is to have an online consultation with one of our Physiotherapists. During this consultation we will do our best to get an analysis of the problem, provide you with the tools you need to try to deal with it on your own temporarily, and determine what steps may need to be taken during an in person session.


How will it work?

Once you have had your online session with the physiotherapist and it has been determined that:

  • You meet the criteria for Urgent Care and

  • You do not pose a high risk for transmission of COVID-19

We will direct you to make an appointment through your Physiotherapist, via our website, or by calling 780-438-0001.


At your appointment:

  • When you arrive for your appointment call 780-438-0001 and notify us that you have arrived and we will unlock the door for you.

  • When you have entered the clinic we will ask you a series of screening questions to determine your health status and will perform a temperature check using in infrared scanner.

  • Once you have passed the screening, you will be given a mask and we will ask you to wash/sanitize your hands before entering your cubicle in the treatment area.

  • Your physiotherapist (wearing a mask) will greet you and perform any follow up testing that is needed based on the results of the on-line session.

  • Treatment will be performed as indicated. You will be given some exercise instruction and a home program will be emailed to you to follow. We will not be using our gym at this time.

  • Arrangements will be made for follow up via our online system to determine next steps and if another in person treatment is advised.