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Hip And Knee Replacement Treatment

Hip and Knee Replacement

Have you had your hip or knee replaced?  South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab has different options for your treatment available. We are a contracted provider under Alberta Health Services to provide post-surgical treatment for hip and knee replacement surgery patients.

Call 780-438-0001 to speak to us about booking your post Hip and Knee Replacement program now!

What does post-surgical treatment look like?

If you have had your surgery in the last 12 weeks, you are eligible to receive a one-on-one assessment of your progress with one of our Physiotherapists. At this time, we will sit down and talk about how you feel you are progressing so far and any concerns you may have after your surgery. We will look at how you are walking and make sure you are using your walker, crutches, or cane appropriately and progress you according to your ability. We will measure your range of motion and strength, as well as progress the exercises you were given in the hospital based on the results and your goals for recovery.


After the one-on-one assessment, you will be able to attend Hip or Knee rehabilitation class sessions. These are run in groups of up to eight people and consist of several exercise stations based on more advanced exercises for each surgery. The classes will be run by one of our Physiotherapists (not an assistant or kinesiologist) and will consist of people in various stages of the recovery process. This is a great time to share experiences, gain motivation, ask questions, and exercise in a bit more of a social setting. During these classes, our physiotherapists will modify exercises for you as needed and progress your homework to be done between sessions. You will be eligible for six of these classes after Hip or Knee Replacement surgery. At the conclusion of your sessions, we will do some testing to see how far you have come and identify which exercises you need to do for a little longer on your own.

What if I don't want to have my treatment in a group setting?

This is a very valid question. Not everyone feels this is the best way for them to reach their treatment goals. One-on-one treatment is still available at our clinic however, this will not be covered by Alberta Health Services. In this case, you would utilize insurance benefits or pay for the treatments on your own. 

What if I have not progressed as far as I feel I need to after my six sessions? 

This happens from time to time. The Physiotherapists will do their very best to make sure that you are well-equipped to continue on your own, so you continue your progression. That being said, some people benefit from checking in from time to time for a one-on-one session once the six group sessions have been utilized. This is not covered by Alberta Health Services, and again you would utilize insurance or self-pay options.

When are the sessions?

We have sessions running on different days and times during the week. You can book for a time that works for you after your initial assessment.


Call 780-438-0001 to speak to us about booking your post Hip and Knee Replacement program now!

Patient Expereinces

"Following my full knee replacement, I attended a 6 week physiotherapy in a group session setting. All other attendees had knee replacements as well, and so every exercise was to strengthen the muscles around the knee, help with balance and flexibility. The therapist was extremely helpful and assisted one-on-one as needed. I found the group session very helpful as others expressed concerns or asked questions that helped me understand my own situation better. I know that I gained so much strength and confidence from attending this and would certainly highly recommend it to anyone having a knee replacement."

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