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Edmonton Online Physiotherapy

Online Physio

South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab is excited to be able to provide treatment to you without you even leaving the house! Using a program called Physitrack® we can meet face to face and work together to address whatever problem you may be having. With this program, we can send you your exercise program and monitor it as you go. You will be able to message us and get feedback and ask questions of your physio at any time.

How does it work?

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer with a camera and a microphone or your smart phone or tablet. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari seem to be browsers that work the best. Make sure you have your microphone and camera turned on.

Go to our online booking system and set up your South Edmonton Physical Therapy and Sport Rehab account and request an online appointment.




Contact us by email at or phone at 780-438-0001 and we can arrange the session with you. After we book you in, we will send you a link for your session.

Click the link at your appointment time to review the consent form and get started on the road to feeling better.

Note: You can install the Physiapp on your device if you wish. The app will save you from having to open your browser every time you want to access Physitrack.

What should I do to get ready at home?

We may ask you to move around and show us a few things, we may demonstrate some exercises for you and watch how you do them as well so…

  • A room with some space would be great

  • A place to prop your phone up or set your laptop

  • Appropriate clothing – shorts or tank top etc.

  • Sometimes an assistant is a good idea if you need help or need a cameraperson

We anticipate that you will take appropriate steps to make sure your privacy is protected on your end (secure connection, who’s in the room, etc.)

Is this for everyone?

This is a good question. Truly everyone can see some benefit from this type of treatment as we often don’t get to spend this kind of one to one time in the clinic. There are limitations of course as there are some things that we need to actually get our hands on but the exercise and education can be a very powerful tool that are often underutilized. Our Physiotherapists are very knowledgeable, resourceful people; you will be surprised by what they can come up with for you.

With a virtual physiotherapy session you are able to tap in to your Physio's vast experience and wide array of knowledge in a way that perhaps you hadn’t experienced before. If during your consultation you or your Physio feel this just isn’t for you we will do our best to make other arrangements that better suit your needs.

What are the risks?

The biggest risk with any virtual service is security. Physitrack® is an encrypted system that is both HIPAA and ISO27001 certified. We use a dedicated secure Wi-Fi connection. You are communicating directly with us, not a call center somewhere in cyberspace, and this is important to us.

We do not make any video or audio recordings of the sessions. Records will be kept in your patient chart in the same way as an in person session.

Otherwise, the risks of a virtual session are very similar to an in clinic session. We will do everything we can during the session to make sure you are doing things safely and correctly to minimize any risk to you with respect to the exercises or your environment.

How long are sessions?

Our initial session will be 30 minutes long (single area of concern).

Follow up sessions will be 15 minutes long (single area of concern).

More complex issues may require more time being allotted, this can be discussed with your Physiotherapist and we are happy to make those arrangements as needed.

What about cost and coverage?

Many insurance companies have now recognized that this is a necessary and effective way to deliver service in today’s world; however, we are unable to guarantee reimbursement. The list of companies that are covering Virtual sessions is growing and changing daily, please check with your insurer.

WCB and Alberta Health Services are covering Virtual PT. Many Auto insurers are as well, however, it is still a good idea to check with your adjuster.


If you do not have coverage listed above, please contact us to discuss your options.

What happens if something goes wrong with my connection?

We all know computers can be wonderful things when they work but sometimes have a mind of their own. If we get disconnected just try to log back in. If we cannot reestablish a connection, we will call or email you to rearrange things as needed.

What happens after my session?

After your session ends, you will receive another link to access your exercise program. Here you can track your progress and message your Physio to let them know how you are doing and if you have questions or concerns.

Details about any follow up sessions if needed will be determined by you and your Physio.

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