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The Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise

Low-impact exercise is any physical activity that minimizes stress on the joints and muscles while still providing cardiovascular and muscular benefits. It's a great way for everyone to get active, but it's especially beneficial for those recovering from injuries.


What Kinds of Low-Impact Exercise Can I Do?

Summer is the perfect time to explore your options! If you're big on exploring the outdoors, consider cycling or hiking. Golfers will also be happy to know that hitting the green counts as a low-impact exercise.


If you're looking for something indoors, there's always yoga or dancing. And for those who like the water, there's the option of swimming laps at an indoor or outdoor pool, rowing, or water aerobics. Lastly, going for a walk, whether it's by yourself, with friends, or as a family, is a great way to explore Edmonton while engaging in low-impact exercise.


Fitting Exercise Into Busy Days: How Low-Impact Exercise Can Help

Although it's important to fit exercise into your schedule, sometimes life gets in the way. If you are interested in getting some exercise throughout the day, here are a few options.

  • Add in some steps. If you take public transportation, consider getting off at an earlier stop. Not only will you get some steps in, but you'll also be able to explore a stretch of the city that you wouldn't normally be in. You can even just park a bit further away from the doors for a few extra steps when driving.

  • Schedule a walking meeting or coffee break with a friend to get you out of the office and moving.

  • Make your breaks more active by including some stretching and movement. You might even find a mid-day dance break, helps to boost mood.

  • Look for opportunities to engage in active transportation. If you have to run a nearby errand, consider biking or walking. Not only is this good for your body, but it's great for your car's gas tank!


Edmonton's Best Kept Secrets: Our Favourite Exercise Spots

Exercise can truly be done anywhere. We are big fans of exercising at home or taking a moment at the office to do a few stretches. However, it's nice to get outside and enjoy your city. You can enjoy the natural elements and explore new locations. Curious about where to go in Edmonton? Here are our favourite locations to engage in some low-impact exercise:

  • River Valley Trails - Choose to walk for as long or as short as you'd like and experience the natural beauty of Edmonton's river valley. As a bonus, these trails have room for both cyclists and pedestrians. 

  • Mill Creek Ravine - With on-site picnic spots and an off-leash area, this wooded path is a beautiful location for an afternoon walk with your pets. Pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  • Rundle Park - Rundle Park is an excellent spot for the whole family, with a mix of playgrounds, an 18-hole disc golf course, and trails. If you are also looking for an accessible swimming experience, ACT Aquatic and Recreation Centre is right next door– perfect for those looking to get some laps in!


Incorporating low-impact exercise into your daily routine doesn't have to be complicated; simple activities like walking, swimming, or cycling can significantly increase your physical activity level. Despite their simplicity, these exercises offer numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and joint flexibility, making them highly beneficial for overall well-being.

 Going for a walk to get active


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