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Changes to AHS Funded Physiotherapy

Beginning March 1, 2022, Alberta Health Services is making changes to how they fund and provide access to physiotherapy services in the province of Alberta. This affects all Albertans who are looking to access funded treatment for Physiotherapy. South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab is one of the clinics contracted to provide such services.

Under the old system, coverage differed from region to region in the province, and there was a lack of consistency and access when it came to physiotherapy. With this new model being implemented, the same access and funding rules will apply no matter what area an individual resides in Alberta.

Under the new model, if you have had a fracture or surgery, you are still eligible for treatment as before. While there are changes here as well, coverage is still directly accessible through our clinic. You can book with us directly at 780.438.0001 or online.

If you are looking to access Alberta Health funded treatment for other conditions, you must first call the Rehabilitation Advice Line at 1.833.379.0563, where you will be assessed via telephone and it will be determined whether or not you will be able to access treatment at our clinic or any other clinic. Part of this assessment will take the form of income assessment (this does not apply for orthopedic surgery or fractures- see below). Publicly funded general physiotherapy treatment will only be accessible to those who fall below a determined income level and/or are receiving certain government supports.

After the telephone assessment, if you are approved for general physiotherapy treatment, this approval will be entered into the Health First system by Alberta Health Services. Once this has taken place, we will be able to access this approval in order to verify your eligibility. You will be asked to provide documentation of income eligibility by Alberta Health Services at the time you come to the clinic for your appointment. We will be unable to provide treatment until we have:

  1. Approval from Alberta Health Services

  2. Verified the documents you have been asked to provide by Alberta Health Services.

If you have had a recent fracture or bone or joint surgery, you DO NOT have to call Alberta Health Services and may contact us directly at 780.438.0001 or online.

If you have had a hip or knee replacement in the past 12 weeks, you also DO NOT have to call Alberta Health Services and may contact us directly at 780.438.0001 or online for assessment. Your assessment will still be one on one with one of our physiotherapists. However, treatment here has changed in that this will take the form of small group classes that will run at different times during the week. These one-hour classes will be run by one of our physiotherapists.

If you would rather not have group treatment sessions for your hip or knee replacement, you may attend for one-on-one treatment as before; however, it will NOT be covered by Alberta Health Services.

As always should you have questions, please call us at 780.438.0001, and we will do our best to provide you with the information you need. You may also contact the Rehab Advice Line at 1.833.379.0563 to speak directly to Alberta Health Services.

These changes do not affect insurance coverage, Worker’s Compensation Board, Motor Vehicle Accident, or private pay options available at our clinic.


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